Candice Swanepoel Looks Like She's Ready To Pop In Latest Baby Bump Selfie

If you're curious how pregnant Candice Swanepoel is, you'll have to climb over her baby mountain to ask.

Do not stand there and pretend you don't know what a "baby mountain" is, as if it's not a term constantly used on the mommy blogs to refer to an expectant mother's stomach during a period of gestation. Duh.

The Victoria's Secret model shared a photo of her bump on Instagram on Sunday.

Though Elite Daily does not have an in-house doctor to verify, I feel confident, as a human with a currently uninhabited womb, eyeballing this picture and saying Candice's baby is ready to meet the world already.

On Monday, the 27-year-old posted snaps from a Safari-themed baby shower.

Decorations spelled out Anacã, an Amazon-dwelling bird that serves as Candice's son's namesake.

Anacã will be Candice's first child with her partner, Hermann Nicoli and, true to her profession, she's looked stylish as living F for the entire duration of her pregnancy.

What even is this madness?


Love it.

Shut up.

Seriously, how?

Get. Out. Of. Town.

Moon goddess, OMG.

Knit. Magic. YES.


Candice, you are an inspiration in knee-high boots.

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