Bruce Jenner Goes On 'Jimmy Fallon' To Talk About His Weird Face (Video)

Bruce Jenner has finally made it to Jimmy Fallon’s show and seized his chance to sound off on something that has long been on his mind: His face!

Jenner often features in the jokes of late night talk show hosts over various procedures done to his face. The legendary Olympic athlete and Kardashian patriarch dropped by "Late Night" and “pretty much manhandled” host Fallon (in his own words).

Fallon has made references on multiple occasions to a time Jenner approached him in 2012 and told him to stop making jokes about his plastic surgery. Jenner confirmed that this story was true in his interview, which was mostly dominated by Jenner defending himself and claiming that the Kardashian family “can take it.”

The interview was mostly in good jest, with highlights including Jenner unearthing unflattering photos of Fallon and making the following remark:

“You can make all the jokes you want, but I guarantee you, Mr. Fallon, that my ass in a good pair of running shorts, looks a hell of a lot better than your ass.” Fallon laughed in response. “I would agree with you and, sincerely, I’m sorry,” Fallon said about poking fun at Jenner’s face.

They managed to come to a compromise in the end, with Jenner allowing Fallon to continue making jokes about his face while still on "Late Night." When he ultimately transitions to "The Tonight Show" in 2014, however, the jabs have to stop.

Photo Credit: Getty Images