Britney Spears Spends Night Off With Male Strippers

She's not that innocent.

If you have happen to have a night off to yourself, you're probably going to order some pizza, drink some cheap wine and change into your night-off uniform: pajamas, a "Family Guy" t-shirt and a Snuggie.

Of course, if you're Britney Spears, you're going to throw your gaze upon some hot male strippers during your night off. Why? Because you're Britney, bitch. YOU DO WHAT YOU WANT.


While taking a breather from her Las Vegas "Piece of Me" residency, Britney went out with some of her gal pals to the Thunder Down Under show at Excalibur to see some prime pieces of man meat.

They don't call it Sin City for nothing.

It's clear from the Instagram post above that Britney was very, very thirsty while ogling these Australian strippers.

She captioned the photo, saying,

Just a night off in Vegas

Whoa, does this happen a lot? Like, is Britney hitting up male strip shows each night she isn't performing, routinely making it rain?

All speculation aside, Britney even took a group photo with the men of Thunder Down Under.

Look, these men are heroes in my book.

Can you imagine how nervous you'd be stripping down in front of Britney Spears as part of your performance?

I can barely strip down during a doctor's visit, but I definitely couldn't do so if my doctor was Britney fucking Spears.


All in all, I hope Britney had a great time blowing off some steam and recuperating in between the shows that make up her hectic performance schedule.

Meanwhile, I will return to my pajamas, boxed wine and Snuggie AKA my best friends on planet Earth.

Of course, my best friend at Planet Hollywood will always be Britney Spears. Always.

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