Brie Larson Sarcastically Thanks Rob Lowe For Insensitive LAX Protest Tweet


Brie Larson's reply to Rob Lowe's LAX protest tweet is my favorite tweet of 2017.

On Monday, Rob Lowe tweeted about the protesters who took over LAX in opposition to Donald Trump's recent ban, which left at least 100 immigrants detained in airports.

Demonstrators blocked traffic, demanding the detained be set free.

And what did Rob Lowe, 52-year-old "West Wing" actor, have to say about this injustice?

Why, he was worried about those poor, poor people who were inconvenienced by the traffic jams, of course!


He wrote,

Just landed. Saw grandmas and little children dragging heavy luggage for for BLOCKS just trying to get home. #laxprotest

Hey, uh, Rob, you know who else is just trying to get home? The 100 innocent people detained who have a very real chance of NOT getting back to their families.

Thankfully, Brie Larson showed up to call Rob on his bullshit — by sarcastically thanking him for speaking up about the real issues.


Phew. Brie Larson is taking exactly zero shit from men this year, and I'm so here for it.

Just a few weeks ago she shaded Casey Affleck for winning a Golden Globe despite his history of sexual harassment.

Now the 27-year-old actress is coming for Rob, for his silence on the refugees and immigrants hurt by this ban.

Of course, you might be saying,

But, but, but Brie, those children had to DRAG suitcases for BLOCKS! BLOCKS! How can you sympathize with those whiny Syrian kids who are trying to flee their war zone of a country when our brave American children are walking for BLOCKS with SUITCASES?!

This isn't the first time Rob Lowe has been an insensitive asshole about a crisis.

Last year right after the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris, he tweeted out an anti-refugee message, criticizing French President François Hollande.


And look, does blocked traffic sound annoying? Yes.

Maybe those grandmas and little children will be late to work, or late getting home, but at least they know they have jobs, and they know they have homes.

The detained immigrants literally didn't know if they were about to be deported from the country. They didn't know if they'd be separated from their family for months or years. They were handcuffed and patted down and questioned aggressively.

All the protesters were trying to do was get those people free.

So if you're empathizing with the grandmas with the roller bags over them, that's a pretty weird place to put your empathy.

Let's pray there are always Brie Larsons around to stand up for what's right.