Bradley Cooper And Victoria’s Secret Model Irina Shayk Are Expecting A Baby


It looks like all the practice Bradley Cooper had comforting that fake baby in "American Sniper" will go to good use.

He and Victoria's Secret model Irina Shayk are going to be parents together.

Hopefully, Bradley's a little bit more excited than the GIF above.

According to multiple sources, Irina is not only pregnant with her boyfriend Bradley's baby, she's already in her second trimester.

*Does mental math, gives up, whips out dusty TI-89*

That's nearly 66 percent of the way to delivery!

But wait a dang second... Didn't the 30-year-old model JUST walk the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway in Paris?

Yes, she did, observant reader... and the mother-to-be SLAYED.


I mean, where the heck is the baby bump?! Seriously, I looked more pregnant after my Thanksgiving meal than she does RN.

Basically, Irina in this trench coat is all of us trying to investigate just HOW she looks this good while being in her second trimester...


Even The Weeknd behind her is like, "Bella who? Irina's got my knees Shayk-y AF."

The "American Hustle" actor and Russian model (I'm talking about Irina, not a Russian nesting doll) were first spotted together in May of 2015, and despite being rather silent on their relationship to the press, it's pretty clear these two are #RelationshipGoals.

Well, duh! I mean, if you're going to have a crying, newborn poop-machine with your significant other, it would seem like you have a pretty lasting love, right?



According to E! News as of July of 2015, all of Bradlirina's (trademark) closest friends think "this is it for the two of them."

I offer up my sincerest congratulations to Bradley and Irina. Judging by the two of your gene pools, you're going to have a beautiful kid who can act in both comedy and drama.

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