Airline Savagely Celebrates Brad Pitt Being Single With Cheap Flights

Hey single ladies, listen up.

An airline is offering you a cheap flight AND a husband.

Has the man of your dreams been unavailable for years? Is he recently divorced and in need of companionship?

Oh, and is his name Brad Pitt????

Interested? Keep reading. Norwegian Airlines UK is savagely celebrating Brangelina's split with cheap tickets to Los Angeles.

The airline created an ad in the London Evening Standard to promote a one-way flight from London to LA using the newly single actor as incentive.

The ad reads,

Actor. LA. Newly Single. Seeks likeminded partner with GSOH

Oh. My. God. SAVAGES.

All right, £169 (about $220) is pretty damn cheap. If I were in London, I'd snag that deal in a heartbeat whether I was single or not.

Hopefully people don't take the ad too seriously, though, since Brad Pitt 100 percent did not agree to this.

Worst case scenario, there's just a mob of lonely, angry single ladies with pitchforks running around screaming Brad's name.

I guess that's a risk Norwegian Airlines is willing to take.

Things get a little more questionable when you remember Brad Pitt is currently being investigated for child abuse following a fight on their private plane.

Footage allegedly shows the actor aggressively fighting with his son Maddox.

According to insiders, Pitt appeared to be “drunk” and was “yelling” while the plane took a stop at Minnesota's Falls International Airport.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, September 14.

I guess Norwegian saw the drama as a great opportunity!

According to Twitter, people seem to be a fan of the airline's marketing and are already looking into purchasing flights.

@NorwegianUK @Fly_Norwegian — Jacob (@OhHeyJacob) September 22, 2016
#winning #brilliant #advertising Norwegian air ad — Eve D'Souza (@evedsouza) September 23, 2016

Hopefully we'll find out more details on Brad and Angelina's divorce soon. If you can't wait to get answers, book a trip to LA and ask the man himself.

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