Blac Chyna Shows Off Baby Bump In The Same Dress Kylie Jenner Wore

Did Blac Chyna fashion-plagiarize Kylie Jenner?

In Hollywood, there are few crimes more outrageously callous than fashion plagiarism.

As far as I'm concerned, when it comes to celebrity felonies, the list goes murder then outright armed robbery then breaking Jennifer Aniston's heart then public nudity within 200 feet of a school playground and then fashion plagiarism.

Instagrammer murdareport may have picked up on Blac Chyna transgressing this very faux pas, seemingly wearing the same dress Kylie wore back in December.


In Blac Chyna's defense, Kylie did sort of love-plagiarize her when she started dating Tyga. Also, Kylie has been kind of ripping Blac Chyna's style for years now.

Case in point, remember this Klassic Kylie phase?

Let's not forget who was pastel-ing their hair first.

Remember the time Kylie wore a sheet of suede even though that sounds like actual death in the LA heat?

Welllllllll, guess who was wearing sheets of suede first?

These two need each other. They are like the fashion versions of those fish that suck on the bottom of a bigger fish... but to each other. It's kind of beautiful actually.