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Blac Chyna Wants "Confident" & "Healthy" Man After Rob Kardashian Drama


The drama between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian seems like a never ending saga. However, Blac Chyna has put her foot down and decided to take a classier approach.

On July 5, Rob Kardashian swung very, very low when he posted revenge porn of Blac Chyna on his Instagram account. Since then, Chyna has stayed surprisingly low-key about the whole situation. Turns out, her silence has been intentional.

She was recently granted a temporary restraining order against Kardashian, and told US Weekly she's been "taking a classier route." Basically, only comments about her family or kids will warrant a response from Chyna. She said,

With all of the drama, Chyna says she's not ready to date yet. One thing is for sure, she definitely knows what she wants in a partner. Also, what she definitely does not want. She said,

Um, probably someone who respects women and wouldn't post revenge porn are another couple items to add to the list.

I think Chyna agrees because she also mentioned how important respect is in a relationship. She added,

This could be in response to her comments on ABC News about how she was devastated over the situation and Rob's disrespect of her. During her first interview after the incident, Chyna said,

She may not be out on the dating field quite yet, but once Chyna finds the right partner she says she definitely has a desire to have more kids.

Drama aside, Chyna can always keep it light. I hope the dust will settle soon, and Blac Chyna can continue living her life.