Blac Chyna Looks Flawless In These Snaps After Losing Over 20 Pounds


While I spent the entire weekend eating Thanksgiving leftovers and sleeping it off on my couch, Blac Chyna admitted to losing 23 pounds of post-baby weight.


Please, Blac, tell us your secrets! After this weekend, I'm going to need them.

All jokes aside, Blac Chyna looks pretty incredible for giving birth to Dream Renee Kardashian a little over two weeks ago.

DailyMail.com reports that snaps emerged of the 28-year-old hot mama brining her son, King Cairo, to a photoshoot on Sunday, November 28, and she looks flawless.

In the footage, she's flaunting her new bod', and we can't help but drop our jaws at her dissipating waistline.


If I lived under a rock and didn't know who Blac Chyna was, I would've never guessed she just gave birth after watching these clips.

In her Snapchat story, she's wearing a slimming pink bodysuit with a laced waistline that showcases her seemingly perfect hourglass figure. She's even strutting down the driveway in strappy high heels.

Did I mention she just gave birth a little over two weeks ago?


She even posted a video on her Instagram from the same day where she's standing in some sort holiday contraption trying to decipher whether or not she's been naughty or nice this year.

That's besides the point, though.

In the clip, she's facing the camera in her light pink getup, and she looks like a Barbie doll.

She captioned the video, "Told ya'll" with an emoji sticking his tongue out.

Apparently, she's on the nice list. But that was expected, right?!

Again, I digress.

Let's focus more on these Snapchats because my mind is still blown at her progress.

Out of all the kale diets and smoothie cleanses I've attempted in my lifetime thus far, I've never lost that amount of weight so quickly.

We're happy for Blac Chyna, and she should be proud of herself. Losing that kind of weight isn't easy. (Then again, I've never had a child. I'm just assuming it's tough.)

Judging from Snapchat, she's definitely thrilled at her progress.


I think she'll hit her goal in no time.

You go, girl.

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