Blac Chyna Gives Snapchat Update On Baby Weight Loss


So apparently, Blac Chyna has a magical waistline that's not affected by childbirth or a massive Thanksgiving dinner.

The mom said she's lost an astonishing 23 pounds in a new Snapchat story just a couple of days after Turkey Day. She wrote,


Photos that emerged last week showed her out in public for the first time — and, my god, does she look lean.

So lean, in fact, that many accused her of having undergone surgery after the birth.

She was forced to set the record straight in a Snapchat video. She said,

The 28-year-old is thoroughly documenting her weight loss. Last week, she posted a video on Instagram showing her impressively flat stomach, and it'll leave you feeling out of shape and full of Thanksgiving turkey.

This is not humanly possible.

She even took to the scales to prove how well she's doing.

She wrote,

Chyna's been flooding social media with baby-related things which, frankly, we can't get enough, because Dream is cute as hell.

She recently shared an adorable video of her son, King, stroking Dream's head as she lay wrapped up in bed.

Blac Chyna has wasted no time in sharing the intimate joys of motherhood, either.


The birth will be aired as part of a Rob and Chyna special on December 18 because nothing is sacred.