This Twitter User Accurately Predicted Beyoncé's Pregnancy And Trump's Win


Guys, 2017 is shaping up to be a terrifying time to be alive.

Not only do we have Trump telling Mexico he might send US troops into its borders and a Muslim ban that has triggered chaos in airports across the US, but a Twitter user accurately (and spookily) predicted Beyoncé's pregnancy and the exact month she'd announce it back in July of LAST YEAR.

Twitter user @beyoncefan66 is basically the real-life version of Professor Trelawney or the 21st century's Nostradamus.

And since one predicted Voldemort and the other predicted the end of the world, I think there is cause for alarm. Let's go through some of their tweets in chronological order, shall we?


Did Trump win the election in 2016? Yes, he did (thanks Russia).

OK, they predicted Brexit... nine days before it happened.


*attempts best Samara from "The Ring" voice* "Nine days... In nine days, UK will leaved the EU."

Lady Gaga did release Joanne in October.


Yes, 52 percent of the UK did vote to leave the EU. The use of "we" in the tweet below indicates @beyoncefan666 might just be a Brit (cough, Professor Trelawney, cough).


Here's the big one. In one tweet, @beyoncefan666 not only foretold of Bey's preggo status, they even named the month when she'd tell the world.


If @beyoncefan666 were around during the time of Julius Caesar, the emperor would not have gotten stabbed (but he probably wouldn't have had a salad named after him so...).

This person also claims to be an intern over at Beyoncé's company, Parkwood Entertainment.

Perhaps this is where she's getting all this inside Bey-formation (AKA Beyoncé information).




They even prophesied Queen Bey's VMA medley...


If I give this person $50, will they tell me which teams are in the Final Four?

Not to mention Lady Gaga's Super Bowl performance.


I'm too sad to even think about this last tweet's accuracy.


Ugh, @beyoncefan666... will there still be a USA in 2018? ANSWER US.

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