Beyoncé Is Being Mom-Shamed By Fans Over This Photo She Posted On Instagram

by Jamie LeeLo
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

World, what do you think you're doing... coming for Beyoncé's mothering capabilities? You need to check yourself before JAY-Z wrecks you. Queen B went on a totally normal, relatable, and well-deserved date with her hubby, and snapped a pic while she was out. Now, Beyoncé drinking wine in an Instagram photo has mom-shamers losing their cool, to which I say: Back. Up. 

It doesn't take a professional detective to figure out people are going to be up in arms over what a new mom puts into her body shortly after giving birth. I'm not a mom, and even I know breastfeeding is drama in the mommy world. It's one of the most heated topics that has been debated for centuries.

What's the right way to breastfeed? What's the wrong way to breastfeed? Is there a right or wrong way? And how badly are you messing up your baby if you don't do it correctly? Whatever that means. 

Here's what I've learned: Every baby and every baby's mother is different, so if Beyoncé is having a glass of wine a month or so after giving birth, you can trust that the Literal Goddess Of The Universe knows what she's doing and has her sh*t together.

Still, haters always gonna hate. One Intagram commenter wrote, "This is messed up. #NotImpressed," and another said, "You wrong for this Bey." A person who goes by @larzipanny came to her defense explaining,

It is insane for slamming a woman for having a glass of wine if she breast feeds. One unit of alcohol is out of your breast milk within two hrs. One glass of wine is not a crime lol! Chill out! You do you B.

On Twitter, the debate continued.

What, you guys think Beyoncé is just going to willy-nilly post a picture of herself boozing with newborns to a world of haters without thinking that through? Right, mmhmm. Sure. I'm sure she's just winging it, and accidentally getting her babies drunk on her boob milk, because that sounds like how she lives her life.

Please, don't be crazy.

Here's the smokin' hot photo of Bey on her date night.

Yup. That's what a woman who doesn't know what she's doing looks like. Wow. What a mess.


I'm not mad just because it's Beyoncé. I'm mad because mom-shaming is one of the worst kinds of bullying out there. There is no perfect parent, and all families are different. It's not a competition, and trust me when I say no matter what you do, your kid is going to screw up multiple times in their life. No amount of breastfeeding can change that. You can trust me, I might be a mom someday.

Cheers, Beyoncé. Who the F do they think you is?