Beyoncé Fans Think She Hinted At Her Pregnancy With This Pic From December


Get out your magnifying glasses, Beyhive, because we are about to investigate the heck out of this Beyoncé pregnancy.

On Wednesday, Bey rocked all of our worlds with a totally unexpected announcement on Instagram: She's pregnant! WITH TWINS!

But was it totally unexpected?

Maybe not. Some sharp-eyed fans have found a few clues on Bey's Instagram that suggest she has actually been hinting at the pregnancy for months.

Hardcore Beyhivers might recall this festive photo montage Bey posted on Instagram around Christmas.

Now, look at the photo very closely. Notice anything?

There are three pretty significant photos back-to-back.

First, there's a pic of Bey holding her stomach.


At the time, it just seemed like a sexy Beyoncé pose, but now it's taken on a whole new meaning.

It's immediately followed by a pic of Bey holding up two fingers.


Again, it just seemed like a peace sign at the time. But now it seems like a hidden message from Bey: TWO BABIES!

Finally, there's a pic of Bey making the heart sign with her hands...


Because she's so full of love for her two, new, beautiful babies!

Yooooo. Shout out to all the detective fans who figured this out.

Since these photos were taken only a month ago, I think it's safe to say Bey knew about her babies by then, which makes it very likely this is, in fact, a hint.

If you look closely, you actually can see a slight baby bump in the December photos, too.

But some fans also think she told us even earlier, in this post from late July, when she possibly found out the news herself.


That would make Bey at least six months pregnant already, so maybe not. But on the other hand, she does look PRETTY pregnant in that naked pregnancy photo shoot she just did.

We might get to meet those two, new, little Carters sooner than we thought!

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