Fans Of Beyoncé And Beck Got In A Serious Wiki War After The Grammys

Much to the chagrin of Kanye West and the BeyHive, Beck won Album of the Year at Sunday night's Grammy Awards.

This caused a lot of outrage on the Internet from people who believed Beyoncé should have taken home the accolade.

Beyoncé's fans got so upset, they took to Wikipedia to defile Beck's page. They accused Beck of stealing Grammys and disrespecting black artistry.

Here is some of the damage done by the ticked-off BeyHive:

But, Beck's fans didn't stand for this Wiki-vandalism. They took to Beck's page to go after Beyoncé and her horde of mischievous followers.

At the top of the article, they wrote,

This article is about a man who has achieved 3 decades of musical success mainly by himself. For The Woman who needed 5 songwriters and 2 vocalists behind her to achieve any decent level of success, see Beyoncé.
lol at Beck's Wikipedia page becoming a rival fans battlefield after Grammys: http://t.co/zRTSoHpblz pic.twitter.com/jNVEKPHBPM — Joe Zadeh (@cide_benengeli) February 9, 2015

In the body of Beck's Wiki, they also wrote,

For all of the idiots editing this, Beck's music is better than Beyonce's ever will be. He has a perfect song title to describe all of the people that think Beyonce should have won bets album: Loser.

Eventually, Wikipedia banned the suspected culprits, and Beck's page reverted back to its original state.

But, we will always remember the great Wiki War of 2015.

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