Everyone Is Trying To Guess What Beyoncé Whispered To Blue Ivy At The VMAs

In case you hadn't heard, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Carter absolutely slayed the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet on Sunday night.

I mean, they are literally wearing matching angel outfits. BECAUSE THEY ARE BOTH LITERAL ANGELS.

.@Beyonce and Blue!!! — Glamour (@glamourmag) August 28, 2016

But even though Blue Ivy Carter may possibly be the most glamorous 4-year-old in the entire world, she is still a 4-year-old, and Beyoncé is still her mom.

And sometimes, even when you're on the red carpet, you need your momma to give you a talkin' to.

Which is why the world has been blessed with this amazing picture of Beyoncé, in her gorgeous, fancy, angelic dress, seemingly lecturing Blue, in HER gorgeous, fancy, angelic dress.  And the internet, being the internet, is trying to figure out what exactly Queen Bey had to say to Princess Blue.

Was Bey threatening to pop off?

Or maybe she was comforting Blue for the lack of interesting entertainment for a 4-year-old?

Poor Blue.

This night must be so boring for her already!

Maybe Blue needed a warning for what was to come.

To be fair to Beyoncé, the whole world IS watching.

Hang in there, Blue Ivy. Only four more hours to go.

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