Bella Thorne Makes Our Holiday Better By Stripping Down To A Sexy Santa Suit

by Taylor Ortega

Pray for Los Angeles, world.

The city of Los Angeles, while stacked with celebs, salads and Kendall Jenner's nipples wandering free as a bird in flight, lacks a certain vibe conducive to getting in the holiday mood.

Here on the east coast, we have frigid temperatures and drunk Santas roaming the streets to remind us, hey, it's that time of year again.

In LA, stars like Bella Thorne have to get excessively festive to bring on the Christmas cheer.

On Sunday, the "Scream" actress served H-to-T sexy North Pole magic in striped socks, elbow-length gloves and a suit that Santa would have a tougher time shimmying into than any chimney.

Bels shared the festive look on Instagram and gave Twitter followers the ol' over-the-shoulder smolder.

Whoops pic.twitter.com/uWhY49Ow4d — bella thorne (@bellathorne) December 11, 2016

The 19-year-old is a Santa suit veteran, having shared a pic of herself in Saint Nick jammies with Insta followers last December as well.

This year's look shows a lot more skin, something Bella is beyond comfortable doing, despite reactions from critics online.

In October, the former Disney Channel star told Playboy,

There's this effort to try to shame a woman's sexiness by pulling a cover over it, but I'm a woman who loves skin. I love skin on me, I love skin on girls, I love skin on guys. If you're confident enough to show off your body, you should. Be confident.

Fans on Instagram and Twitter widely praised Bella's festive weekend look, though she doesn't plan on getting caught up in the comments either way.

She told Playboy,

I'm not fed up with social media — I understand it — but people like to comment on how my image is too edgy, that *I'm* too edgy, and on how they wish I looked. It's a lot of 'do this, don't do that.' To them I say, fuck off.

Amen, sisterfriend.

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