Bella Thorne Almost Had A Major Nip Slip In This Outfit

Warning: If gazing upon underboob is against your hardcore religion, prepare to self-flagellate from now until the new year BECAUSE I GOT SOME SINS YOU NEED TO ATONE FOR.

Bella Thorne took to Snapchat to show off a beyond revealing outfit that nearly verges on nip slip territory.


More like "Blue vibes with dose underboobs," am I right?

We reported earlier how Bella Thorne actually suffered a major nip slip while she was out and very about with her really, oddly close friend Charlie Puth...

See what I mean?!?!

Of course, you see what I mean! Unless you're blind, in which case... um, maybe I can put some braille where her nipple is?

*consults lawyer*

Yeah, never mind -- that plan sounds like it's ripe for a lawsuit.

In case you hadn't gotten your Bella-nip-slip fix, here's another saucy pic she posted to her Snapchat:


Hmm, it seems like the common denominator for these nip slips (or near nip slip slips) is this white shirt of hers that looks no larger than a nun's habit.

Never mind, I take it back. It's clear Bella's got some other shirts in her wardrobe that look like their bottom thirds were cut out by a paper trimmer.


It's like medieval chainmail, except it doesn't protect 87.3 percent of her body from being attacked with a war axe in battle.

In fact, this is the same outfit she wore at the iHeart Radio Y-100 Jingleball, which she attended with Charlie.

Sure, Bella Thorne looks great wearing this, but when I wear a cutoff t-shirt to a major public event, I get looked at like I'm nuts.

Well, I for one give major kudos to Bella. If you can rock this look, rock it all the damn time.

Meanwhile, I'll stick to my North Face oversized jackets until June.

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