Snapchat/Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne Gets A Nipple Piercing Like Kendall Jenner


When life gets too complicated, sometimes it makes sense to pay a guy to stab through your tender nip with a long-ass needle and get yourself some boobie baubles.

Former Disney Channel star Bella Thorne “pulled a Kendall [Jenner]” when she shared pics of her pierced nipple on Snapchat.


Bella warned fans of the change on Monday with a tweet claiming the Victoria's Secret model “inspired” her to pierce a quick nip.

Though Bella credits Kenny as the inspo behind this bold style choice, the 19-year-old tends to approach life and fashion with a “fuck what ~they~ think” mentality that serves her well when the internet gets traditionally critical.

In October, Bells told Playboy,

Amen, sister. December was a rough month for Bella, whose boy drama with her rumored lover/spineless tweeter Charlie Puth and her ex Tyler Posey had critics tearing her down online.

Bella told PEOPLE,

Now she's got a little extra armor to protect herself from haters.

Like, a very little bit.

One nip's worth, specifically.

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