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Bella Thorne Dyed Her Hair Dark Blue

I've been following Bella Thorne on Snapchat for quite a while now, and one thing I really love about the actress is that she honestly does not give a fuck (I say that with the utmost respect -- you go, girl).

That means if she wants to dye her hair blue, then she's going to dye her hair blue. Who cares, right? She's going to rock her locks like a boss, whatever color they may be.

On Wednesday night, the former Disney star took to Snapchat to show her fans her new midnight blue hairdo, and she looks totally different.

Rock it, Bella.


It's the perfect hue of blue.


According to MailOnline, Bella promised her followers they'd be the first to see her new color, and she kept her word with a Snapchat story that showed her in the salon chair.

On the 19-year-old's account, you can watch her wavy locks go from auburn to navy as she jams to the radio (naturally).

Needless to say, she looks better than ever.


Bella was so happy with her new hairdo that she even posted a video to Twitter that showed off her spunky new look.

Now, we're left with one major question: Why'd you do it, Bella?

Knowing her (I don't actually know her), she was probably just feelin' good and wanted a monumental change in her appearance for the new year. We've been there -- we get it.

But according to MailOnline, Bella and her boyfriend Charlie Puth recently split, which is all the more reason to dye her hair. It's just a "thing" we ladies do after a breakup sometimes.

Whatever the reason may be, the "Shake it Up" star is rocking the blue hue.


In fact, at the end of her Snapchat story, she's seen posing in the limelight with a sultry outfit. She's wearing a lacy black top, bright red pants and a leather jacket.


It's been reported she was on her way to the Think Tank Gallery for a party in Los Angeles, where I'm sure she had a grand time.

You go, Bella. If it means anything at all, I totally respect your hair color spontaneity.

Blue hair, don't care.

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