Bella Thorne Got Super Real About Having A Crush On Demi Lovato: 'Demi Is Fire'

Can Bella Thorne and Demi Lovato please just date already?

Like, OK, yes, Bella Thorne is maybe, probably dating the star of "Teen Wolf" Tyler Posey.

There is ample evidence for that.


(OK, fine they are definitely dating.)

BUT, on the other hand, Bella Thorne and Demi Lovato will not stop hitting on each other!

Can you blame people for thinking those two might have something going on?

Most recently, the 19-year-old actress and singer straight up said she had a crush on Demi Lovato.

When asked by Maxim magazine who her celebrity crushes were, Belle responded,

Demi Lovato. I must say…rawrrrr. She is a pretty toasty woman. Miley Cyrus, too. She's dope. But Demi is fire, just fire.

(OK, I admit, I'm not totally hip with the kids these days. Apparently "toasty" is now another word for "sexy"? I guess it makes sense if you're thinking like: toasty = warm, warm = hot and hot = sexy.)

But disregarding my ignorance of teen lingo, can we talk about how flirty that quote is?!

I mean, she literally said "rawr." C'mon.

This is hardly the first instance of flirting, either.

Now that's what I call a #wcw look at those freckles @ddlovato — bella thorne (@bellathorne) October 4, 2016

It's no wonder people think Bella and Demi are dating.

Look. Bella Thorne recently came out as bisexual.


Demi Lovato is not out as bisexual.  But still, though I would never want to assume or pressure anyone to come out, let's just say I'd be very surprised if she ever said she was straight.

Plus, Demi's definitely been flirting back with Bella.


OK, so here are my theories:

1. Tyler Posey and Bella Thorne have an open relationship. If you know Tyler Posey, that is totally something he would do. Bella hooks up with Demi from time to time.

2. Tyler Posey, Bella Thorne and Demi Lovato are in a three-way relationship, otherwise known as a throuple.  (See, I do know some of the hip slang, you guys!)

3. Tyler Posey and Bella Thorne are actually just like, really, really close friends who straddle and kiss each other sometimes.

Those are the only three possible options, as far as I can see.


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