Bella Hadid’s Post-Fashion Show Meal Proves No One Can Resist Junk Food


We often hear about the insanely restrictive diets and grueling fitness routines most models use to maintain their stunning, runway-ready figures.

However, at the end of the day, supermodels are still normal human beings who crave unhealthy snacks just like the rest of us.

Remember when Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid stuffed their faces with burgers and mac n' cheese after strutting their stuff down the runway at the Victoria's Secret Fashion show?

Well, it turns out those gorgeous gals aren't the only celebrity models who love indulging in a good old fashioned cheat meal after putting in a hard day's work.

Gigi's sister, Bella Hadid, recently shared a photo of her post-fashion show meal and her snack selection might seriously surprise you.

It's not a plate full of veggies and hummus. It's junk food. *gasp*

On Thursday, Bella Hadid walked in the TommyLand Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2017 Fashion Show held in Venice Beach, California.

After flaunting her perfect figure in a canary yellow crop top and a sporty striped mini skirt, Bella headed backstage in search of snacks.

She snapped a photo of her post-fashion show "dessert," which included a bar of chocolate, gummy bears, dried mangos, salted caramels and licorice.


Since no meal is complete without a drink to wash it all down, Bella also had a glass of soda on hand and a Bloody Mary to boot!

Based on these snacks, its not hard to see Bella has a weakness for booze, junk food and candy just like the rest of the world.

However, Bella clearly knows a thing or two about balance (or just happens to be one of those insanely lucky people who can eat whatever the hell they want without gaining an ounce of weight) because she looks pretty damn amazing, despite eating sugary snacks every now and then.

If only we could all stuff our faces with candy and still manage to look like Bella Hadid.