Bella Hadid Reveals The Beauty Hacks She Follows To Deal With Jet Lag


If anyone knows about the hidden struggles that come along with being the face of a high-end fashion brand like Dior, it's Bella Hadid.

Following her stunning nude photo shoot last week, the 19-year-old up-and-coming supermodel unleashed her inner beauty blogger in a new video tutorial shot for Vogue.

Bella generously reveals her most coveted beauty hacks she uses to deal with the toll jet lag takes on her face.

The video's description reads,

As fashion's favorite girl-of-the-moment and the new face of Dior beauty, Bella Hadid can coax her complexion back to supermodel status in seconds, no matter the time difference between her internal body clock and the sun. The secret is in her concealer—and, of course, the ever-important blending sponge.

Now, keep in mind, you don't have to experience loads of jet lag in order to utilize Bella's beauty tips.

If anything, her ability to cover up the dark circles and smooth out wrinkles caused by jet leg proves that these hacks can clear up tiredness of any kind.

Bella Hadid's beauty secrets start off with the use of foundation and concealer applied around the dark circles under her eyes.

Then, she applies the same remedy to other "tired" areas on her face and reminds viewers that there are no boundaries to these beauty hacks. She added,

You just like, wing it, you know? Just put it, like, everywhere.

Once she gets the first layer of minimal makeup on her lovely face, she proceeds to blend the mixture and smooth out the lines before saying, "imperfections are so beautiful, right?!"

Indeed, Ms. Hadid. But luckily for all of the hard-working (and incredibly tired) women out there, your makeup secrets exist.

Bella's super helpful tutorial continues as she uses her Dior contour stick to make a firm point that "definition is always good."

Next, Bella uses highlighter, followed by her trusty brow pencil, lash primer, mascara, eyeshadow, lip gloss and finally, her secret weapon -- a nice little bun to freshen up her look.

Despite having a busy schedule and very little resting time, Bella Hadid uses her go-to beauty hacks to keep her face fresh and vitalized no matter how many red-eye flights she has to endure.

Check out the video above and prepare to be mind-blown.

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