Guy Spends 60 Hours Painting Incredibly Realistic Portrait Of Beyoncé

Christopher Minafo

An artist by the name of Chris Minafo clearly knows who runs the world, and he decided to pay tribute to Queen Bey in the flawless form of a portrait that's larger than life.

And just as realistic.

Minafo, a sophomore in the NYU art program, is only 19 years old.

He tells Elite Daily,

This is the largest painting I have made so far, and I took this challenge on as one less farewell to my teenage years. I wanted to prove to myself that I could paint my idol taller then I stood before I turned 20.

The painting took him 60 hours, and he completed it over 14 days.

The talented Millennial says he creates similar works of art for other diva powerhouses, including Christina Aguilera, Rihanna and Arianna Grande, as an ode to their work in the entertainment industry.

But, clearly, Bey reigns supreme. He says of the "Die With You" songstress,

Beyoncé is quite possibly the most unfathomable person on this planet to me. She is more dedicated and talented than I can possibly imagine. But at the same time she feels incredibly genuine and humble to have the success she does. I admire her work ethic and the riffs and runs in her music never cease to give me chills. I really hope this painting finds its way to her, and maybe puts a smile on her face as a thank you for the countless she has put on mine.

Who knows? Maybe Minafo will get an early birthday gift with a shout out from B!