Ariel Winter And Chrissy Teigen Were Twinning At The Glamour Awards Last Night

by Anna Menta

Dear Ariel Winter and Chrissy Teigen: This happens to all of us.

We've all gone to the Old Navy Memorial Day sale and bought the ruffled shirt and velvet blazer combination we saw on the mannequin.

And we've all worn it to work the next Monday and realized we're not the only ones who love looking professional at a reasonable price.

Oh, wait, that never happens to Ariel Winter or Chrissy Teigen because they are rich Hollywood actors who can buy whatever they want.

OK, so how'd this happen then?

These photos of Chrissy and Ariel are from the Glamour Awards on Monday night.

While I admit these outfits aren't exactly identical, I do think they share enough similarities to be officially qualified as "the same outfit."

I mean, skin-tight, deep V-neck? Check. Black belt? Check. White silky bell bottoms? Check. White silky jacket? Check. Posing with said jacket artfully falling off one arm while holding a clutch? Check and check.

The only real difference I see here is the color and cut of their tops.

So, have I convinced you? We all agree? Chrissy Teigen and Ariel Winter wore the same outfit to an event they both attended?

Great! We are now free to vindictively mock these women for being COMPLETE IDIOTS and daring to drape the same type of fabric over their flesh to preserve the uniquely human concept of modesty.

Who looks stupid now, Ariel and Chrissy? Whose bank account is dangerously low on funds now, huh?? Who's been handed a grossly less fortunate path than those they see on TV, and is taking out that frustration by turning into the kind of bully they swore they'd never become now, HUH?!?

OK, upon reflection, I may have a few issues to work out here that go beyond crimes against fashion.

In other news, Bono, 56-year-old man, was handed a Glamour "Women of the Year" award last night, so that's fun.