These Are The Workouts Ariana Grande Does When She Can't Make It To The Gym

by Georgina Berbari
Getty Images/Handout

Some days, finding time to actually make your way to the gym can be a challenge all its own. From a hectic work schedule, to overwhelming to-do lists, to that quick power nap that you'll literally die without, you might wonder how celebrities manage to squeeze even just a little bit of exercise into their jam-packed schedules. And since she's basically glowing 24/7, figuring out Ariana Grande's workout secrets when she doesn't have time for the gym is honestly what everyone needs in their lives.

At just 24 years old, Grande is a freaking powerhouse, constantly flipping back and forth between filming music videos, traveling on tour, and most recently, becoming Reebok's global brand ambassador (slay girl, slay).

So, TBH, when I'm tied up between an aggressive amount of emails and my pile of laundry that's been sitting there for way too long (why yes, I am currently wearing bikini bottoms as underwear as I'm writing this article), I wonder how Grande manages to squeeze in a sweat sesh when the gym just isn't in the cards.

And if you're doubtful that her routine will actually be sustainable for you because of her seriously glamorous lifestyle and access to a kickass personal trainer, Grande's balanced and extremely realistic approach to exercise might just leave you pleasantly surprised.

Grande's number one fitness tip is to make sure you get a lot of healthy movement in throughout the day.

The petite pop star told SELF Magazine,

I could do a really hard workout and sit around all day, and not feel as good if I'm constantly moving.

Grande makes sure to move around throughout the day, get the proper amount of sleep, and nourish her body correctly. This refreshing approach is incredibly balanced and realistic in comparison to the demanding workout routines that some celebs gush about.

Grande's personal trainer, Harley Pasternak, told SELF that, once you consistently implement those activities into your lifestyle, then you can move onto the more intense, muscle-sculpting resistance training.

As for Pasternak's workout plan for Grande while she's jammin' out on the road and doesn't have time to hit the gym, it's super simple -- like, it's literally only two moves.

Sign. Me. Up.

The pop star's equipment-free workout can be done anywhere, anytime -- which is why Grande swears by it.

The two moves include walking lunges and glute bridges, both of which are low-impact, yet still super effective.

For both the lunges and the bridges, you want to do as many reps as possible for two minutes straight. You can add in light weights, or any other weighted object that's available, if you're looking for an extra challenge. Once you're done with both moves, you repeat the circuit three times. Before you know it, you'll feel like a total "Dangerous Woman" (#SorryNotSorry).

Both of these workouts are amazing for people who sit at a desk all day long -- or in Grande's case, are cooped up in a tour bus (I'll trade you for my cubicle, fam). The glute bridges will improve your hip mobility and strengthen your lower back, all while providing those #BootyGains, too.

On the other hand, the walking lunges improve balance, core stability, and overall strength. These moves also introduce some flexibility into tighter hips.

If you're feelin' super ambitious and want to kick Grande's routine up a notch, there are definitely some variations of these basic moves that you can try. For the glute bridges, try lifting one leg in the air for an as you go through the workout -- trust me, you'l feel the difference. As for the lunges, you can substitute with reverse lunges for a more intense coordination challenge.

These variations still don't require any gym equipment, but will definitely make you feel some major booty burn.

No matter how you decide to incorporate this pop star's exercises into your routine, Grande says that inner beauty trumps all at the end of the day. She told SELF,

You are beautiful today if you have 10 cupcakes, you're beautiful tomorrow if you do a juice cleanse. You are beautiful because of who you are. Do whatever you need to to feel good, but the human you are is so important.

Preach, girl.