Ariana Grande May Have Used Justin Bieber To Make Big Sean Jealous

We recently told you about Big Sean and Ariana Grande's breakup.

In the midst of their split, Justin Bieber appeared on stage during one of Grande's performances and hugged her from behind.

Naturally, the move irked Big Sean, and it seems as if that was exactly the point. According to a source who spoke to TMZ, Bieber and Grande's little encounter was conjured up by Grande to hurt Sean. It was an intentional move.

Apparently, Big Sean had just broken up with Grande due to her immaturity, but there was still a chance they might get back together.

But once Grande pulled this stunt to make Sean jealous, that door quickly closed.

Big Sean, I think you dodged a real bullet here, buddy. If you were sick of her "immature" ways before, this move only furthered validated your stance.

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