Teens Are Actually Licking Emoji Doughnuts To Support Ariana Grande (Photos)

by Adam Pliskin

For some reason, people are on Ariana Grande's side in this whole doughnut situation.

I'm not really sure how anyone can support her after she damaged a man's business and said she hated America, but of course, she has some die-hard fans out there.

Some of those fans are so supportive, they began posting photos of themselves licking doughnut emoji to Instagram. The photos are accompanied by #LickDonutsWithAri.

I suppose it's a touching display of solidarity by Grande's fans, but come on, people. She doesn't deserve this. She's a monster whose soul is as black as night.

Anyway, below are some of the Instagram posts.

Grande fans everywhere are taking part in the #LickDonutsWithAri craze.

They're licking these fake doughnuts outside...

...and in cars.

Even dogs are doing it.

Some hardcore fans are licking real doughnuts.

These fans are really dedicated to the cause.

Everyone is doing it!

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