Owner Of Doughnut Shop Says He's Pressing Charges Against Ariana Grande

by Adam Pliskin

It was reported the owner of the shop where Ariana Grande licked some doughnuts would not press charges against the pop singer.

But Joe Marin, the owner of Wolfee Donuts, now claims he did, in fact, press charges against Grande on July 6 for the incident.

Marin went on the "Roz & Mocha Show" to discuss the situation.

He said,

I did press charges and then when I was reading the newspapers it said my name… that I decided not to, and I don't know where that came from... I think she should be pressed with charges 'cause the thing is like, OK, just 'cause she's popular… and If it was one of us, like a regular customer, they would do something about it.

Although Grande only spoiled $4 worth of doughnuts, Marin claims she did considerably more damage to his business; her actions allegedly led to a health inspection that knocked his shop down from an "A" rating to a "B."

Marin also stated Grande is now banned from Wolfee Donuts.

You can hear the shop owner's statements in the audio clip below.

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