Ariana Grande Loses It In Haunted House On 'Ellen'

If Ariana Grande can make it through this terrifying "American Horror Story" haunted house, you can make through the rest of 2016.

In the true spirit of Halloween, and in the true spirit of Ellen DeGeneres scaring the shit out of people, the 23-year-old singer braved the "American Horror Story" maze at Universal Studios Horror Nights with "Ellen Show" producer Andy Lassner.

Luckily for us, they filmed the whole thing.

Now, to say Ariana was scared shitless by this haunted house maze would be wrong. Ariana reached the point of terror where you just shut down and operate on autopilot until the nightmare is over.

Ariana entered the house with an optimistic attitude.

She said,

It's fine. It's not bad.

However, this sentiment was quickly disproven when the first "AHS" monster jumped out.

Ariana's response was to immediately slam into the wall behind her and drop to the floor.


And then she had a slightly different opinion on how bad the haunted house was.


She runs into the wall several times.


She covers her face for most of it.


She assumes the fetal position once.


And she spends more time on the ground than not.


To be fair, Andy Lassner did not fare much better. He spent a lot of his time using Ariana as a human shield.


At one point, he even gets mad at Ariana for leaving him alone for a second. (Though maybe he was joking? It's hard to tell.)

He shouts to her,

You abandoned me and that doesn't work for me!

But Ariana had her own problems to deal with, like, I don't know, escaping this living nightmare?

Thankfully, the two did make it out alive.

After it was all over, Ariana said,

Somewhere in there is my heart. Thank you, Ellen.

I guess we know who won't be watch the new episode of "American Horror Story" this week.

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