Ariana Grande Has Epic Comeback To Guy Who Said Her Boobs Are Small

by Adam Pliskin

I hate Ariana Grande with every fiber of my being.

She embodies all that is wrong with America and its obsession with celebrity. We are careless idolaters for allowing her to rise through the ranks. Idolaters all!

She is a blight on human civilization who will, in time, usher in the end of days. For these sins, we deserve nothing less than a righteous smiting from on high.

Having said that, she did serve up a pretty sick burn for a troll on Instagram. The troll made an inappropriate comment about Grande's breasts on one of the pop star's photos.

Grande came back with a killer zinger that shut the troll up right then and there. Here it is for your momentary enjoyment:

You can now return to hating Ariana Grande and/or making preparations for the coming apocalypse.

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