Anna Faris On Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence Prank War

How much money do you think Columbia Pictures is paying Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence to prank each other?

Probably at least as much money as J Law made for "Winter's Bone," right?

That's why I don't really blame Anna Faris for wanting to get in on this PR dream come true.

At the "Passengers" Los Angeles premiere on Wednesday, Anna spoke to Entertainment Tonight about whose side she's on in this prank war.

Here's a hint: She didn't pick her husband.

The 40-year-old actress told ET,

I fully support Jennifer Lawrence. I am all for it. I adore her.

To which Chris responded,

I can't believe you're Team Jen. This sucks. I need some support, I thought you'd back me up.

This whole thing started with Chris consistently blocking Jen's face in his Instagram photos.

I have to admit, even as someone who hates fun and antics in general, this is a pretty great prank.

It's low-cost, low-risk and, most importantly, Chris fully dedicated himself to the joke and built up the intensity.

It started off subtle. Just a simple cropping issue here and there.


Slowly it got more and more absurd...


...and finally, it all culminated in the grand finale: the face-swap. A true American classic.


But then Jen, who's never been one to pass up a chance to be funny and relatable, retaliated with her own public, televised prank on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Jen told Kimmel,

It's always a bad sign when Chris seems sincere about something… Like, 'Would you care if I took some photos for my social media? I think it would be good for boosting the movie.' And I'm like, 'Of course, man.'

So to get her revenge on Chris for tricking her, Jen decided to vandalize a giant picture of her co-star's face on a bus.

According to Chris, this move by Jen means the war is not over.

And why would it be?

They've still got a few weeks of press left, after all, and no one has time to discuss the quality of their movie as long as there are pranks to be had!

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