Amy Schumer And Goldie Hawn Beyoncé Formation Parody


Amy Schumer and actress Goldie Hawn performed a "Formation" rendition that left us a valuable lesson.

Next time you're in Hawaii shooting a movie that'll probably make you millions and you're with a whole bunch of famous actors, take some time to make a Beyoncé parody.

It's all the rage!

In a video posted exclusively to Tidal on Friday, the pair did their best renditions from Lemonade. You need a Tidal subscription to see the whole thing, but anyone can appreciate the 30-second preview.

Now, can we just point out that Goldie Hawn is the funniest part of this whole parody? On one hand, Hawn's stiffness in the beginning of the clip is funny as hell. On the other hand, she's twice Amy Schumer's age.

No, like, literally, she's twice Schumer's age. (Amy is 35, and Goldie is 70.) Moving like that at such an age is really something else.

As for Amy, we've known for a while that she's about this BeyHive life. Let's not forget that time Schumer went to a Yoncé concert in a sweatshirt just days after being in the hospital with food poisoning.

Entertainment Tonight on YouTube

That's real commitment right there. Even I wouldn't do that. (JK, I would definitely fight through all types of health conditions to be front row for Beyoncé.)

Anyway, if you're curious about what type of movie Schumer is making in Hawaii, the actress and comedian recently talked to the LA Times about it, and she revealed how casually she got Hawn on board with "Mother/Daughter."

Schumer said,

And it looks like Hawn is happy she made the decision. After all, it's her first film in over a decade.

Hawn told Entertainment Tonight back in May,

Welp, it sure looked like they had fun.

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