Here's What The Shermanator From 'American Pie' Looks Like Now

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"American Pie" came out way back in the year 1999 -- and I assume you, like me, were also way too young to be watching something like that.

The classic teen comedy certainly raises a number of questions today. Like, why do these young men think it's OK to place a webcam on a woman changing without her consent and accidentally broadcast it over the internet?

Why do these young men believe a vagina feels like "warm apple pie?"

What exactly goes on at band camp? Are there no counselors? Where are the adults? Are condoms provided at every bunk or what because it sounds like a cesspool of STIs and teenage pregnancy.

And finally, what ever happened to Shermanator?

Nothing against Chris Owen, who portrayed Chuck Sherman, but his character was meant to be an unattractive joke.

His red spiked hair, braces and greasy skin made little 10-year-old me think, "Hey, maybe I'm a lesbian." (Spoiler alert: 10-year-old me was right.)

Seeing something like this...

Still makes my uterus crawl up in itself.

But it's been 19 years since Owen played the Shermanator -- and things have changed.


Owen is still acting. You've probably spotted him in a few TV shows like "Criminal Minds" or "The Mentalist" or even in movies like "American Reunion" and the upcoming "The Epidemic."

His fashion sense has improved from all those '90s teen movies.


He juices because THIS IS LOS ANGELES.

This has nothing to do with him, but his girlfriend moved in and brought pillows.

And I have the same map pillow that's in the middle. It's from Ikea.

Look how proud he is of his girlfriend!

Also, his girlfriend is drinking Stone IPA, which is also my favorite IPA. So good taste all around.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what Chris Owen looks like now. You're welcome.

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