WTF? Afroman Arrested For Punching Woman Onstage While Performing

"Because I Got High" singer Afroman has been arrested after punching a woman in the face onstage during a performance.

The incident occurred in Biloxi, Mississippi last night and someone captured it on video.

The woman jumped on stage and danced next to Afroman.

At first, he seemed not to mind the woman's presence, but then all of a sudden, Afroman turned and clocked the woman directly in the face.

She was able to get up and walk off the stage on her own volition and Afroman kept on playing.

Soon after, the police stopped the show and arrested Afroman for assault.

Afroman has since been released from police custody after paying a $330 bond.

The video of the brutal attack can be seen above.

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