Adele's Hilarious Workout Photos Prove She's The Most Relatable Celeb Ever


If anyone knows how to power through the pain during a workout, it's Adele.

The 28-year-old singer has been living a healthier lifestyle after quitting cigarettes, embracing cleaner eating habits and limiting her overall alcohol consumption.

In a past interview with Vogue, Adele revealed the motivation behind her new lifestyle and fitness regimen.

Adele revealed,

I was trying to get some stamina for my tour. So I lost a bit of weight. Now I fit into normal, off-the-shelf clothes -- which is really a big problem for me!

In addition to being inspired by her upcoming tour at the time, Adele also made sure to update her fans DURING her workout sessions.

She does not shy away from showing off how dedicated she is to her fitness. Earlier this year, Adele took to Instagram to share a mid-workout photo of her crushin' it at the gym -- and it's hilarious.

Adele perfectly demonstrates what it looks like to feel the burn.


We've all been there!

She posted this super-relatable workout photo back in January with the caption reading, "getting ready." Ladies and gentlemen, this is what it looks like when you're getting ready to tour the world.

For most of us, however, this is what it looks like after a weekend of binge-watching Netflix shows, pizza, beer and walking your dog.

The singer-songwriter recently shared another hilarious workout photo to prove you're not alone -- the gym can be painful for everyone.


Alright, what her facial expression tells me is that she's either putting her game face on, realizing that she's EXTREMELY tired or daydreaming about how she's going to absolutely crush her next tour stop.

So far, with 18 tour stops left, Adele has been all over the place. From New York City...


...to Montreal.


When she's not touring or posting hilarious workout photos on Instagram, Adele's catching up on her beauty sleep...


...getting glammed up...


...and of course, perfecting her craft.


Be more like Adele, world.

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