Adele Under Fire For 'Black Friends' Comment At Grammys


Despite racking up five awards at the 2017 Grammys and praising Beyoncé after she beat her for Album of the Year, Adele is catching major heat for something she said during her final acceptance speech.

After she won Album of the Year for 25, Adele took to the stage at the Staples Center and gave her award to Beyoncé.

Addressing the crowd, and Queen Bey, Adele said,

While listening to Adele's moving acceptance speech and crying your eyes out, you may have missed the line where she talked about her "black friends."

Twitter, however, did not, and Adele is catching some major heat for her "black friends" comment.


Thankfully, though, there appear to be plenty of folks on Twitter who are defending Adele for her use of the term "black friends."


I really can't understand why folks have a problem with Adele.

Adele mouthed "I love you" to Beyoncé during the same acceptance speech.

I mean, Adele literally broke the Grammy so she could share it with Beyoncé!

What more do you want from this woman?

Haters gonna hate, though, right?

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