'16 And Pregnant' Star's Ex Pens Intimate Post After Her Fatal Drug Overdose


Valerie Fairman, who appeared on the second season of MTV's "16 and Pregnant," was found dead on December 21 from an apparent overdose.

She leaves behind a 7-year-old-daughter, Nevaeh.

Her ex, David Pryce, recently gave an exclusive interview to Us Weekly and said he wished he could have helped her more with her substance abuse issues.

He said,

I wish that I could have done more for her, that's basically how I feel. She was trying so hard... It's a lifelong problem.

According to her mother, the 23-year-old was at a friend's house in Coatesville, Pennsylvania when she overdosed.

After failing to answer, her friend broke down a bathroom door and found her unresponsive on the floor.

Pryce, who dated Fairman for nine months, went on to say,

All I have to say about Valerie is people don't know how she really was. She was very loving. She was very insecure. She always wanted to go places with me and just kind of hang out. Always wanted to be near me. She was a very, very good woman. She would just talk. She was very, very intelligent, which surprised me that she would end up like that.

Pryce posted on his Facebook on Wednesday, December 21 after Fairman's passing:

I will always miss you Valerie and I am want to tell anyone who is selling shit to people to stop. We have lost too many loved ones to what you are doing and I am going to start taking care of it [sic].

David Pryce is not the father of Valerie's daughter. He is the uncle of the father, Matt Pryce, who also appeared on "16 and Pregnant."


Before she overdosed, Fairman had a number of run-ins with the law. She was arrested for resisting arrest and giving false identification to police and on prostitution charges in Delaware in 2015.

Her daughter is currently under the care of Fairman's mother.

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