When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: 13 Times Diddy Lost His Damn Mind

Just because Diddy is worth $700 million and can afford to have security does not mean he won't take matters into his own hands.

People forget Sean Combs is from Harlem and he'll keep it real if he sees some f*ck sh*t.

When reports surfaced of Puffy getting arrested for fighting a UCLA football coach, for whom his son plays defensive back, was anybody really that surprised?

The man has no chill. You do have to feel bad for his kid, though.

This is a man who made a career on doing whatever the f*ck he wants and if anybody's going to disrespect his son in front of him, he better be ready to scrap.

Diddy has a long history of keeping it real.

When he was seriously ready to fight a cop in NYC:

celebfail on YouTube

When he wilded out Pharrell in "Get Him To The Greek":

jiggybone247 on YouTube

When he punched Drake in the club for talking to his girl, Cassie:

And when he starred in this wild ad with her:

When he saw a $1 bill for the first time in years:

And whenever he just decides to flex on Instagram:


When he challenged Odell Beckham, Jr. to a foot race and lost:

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When he went in on Aubrey from Danity Kane:

172959abraham on YouTube

And when he made contestants from "Making The Band" get him cheesecake in Brooklyn:

When he swagged off on his private jet like no other:

MrFirstClass175 on YouTube

When he defended Kanye's dance moves:

When even his son defended his dad's dance moves:

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When he revealed you have to be crazy to be successful:

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