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The 45 Best Cardi B Lyrics For IG Captions, Because You're Living Your Best Life

She doesn't cook, she doesn't clean, but she can write a sick IG caption.

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Bow down to Cardi B. Since debuting with her first EP in 2016, Cardi B has taken the rap music world by storm and she has no plans to relinquish the throne anytime soon. Her music has become synonymous with empowerment and bad b*tch energy, so her music has a lot of standout moments. Sure, Cardi keeps it spicy on the ‘gram, but her lyrics are equally as fire. You'll want to use some of the best Cardi B lyrics for your Instagram captions, because your feed needs all the fire flames. Seriously, your followers and daily snapshots deserve only the best from Queen Cardi.

Cardi’s first full-length album, Invasion of Privacy, really put her name on the map upon its April 2018 release. Every song was a bop, but it was the lead single, “Bodak Yellow,” that fans had on repeat. It seemed like everywhere you turned, the catchy chorus about red bottoms and Saint Laurent was pouring out of car speakers, grocery stores, and bodegas.

Cardi’s lyrics continued to have a stronghold on culture as she released her next big single. When “WAP” arrived in August 2020, it not only became the indisputable song of the summer, it also inspired a viral social media trend. Teens, parents, and everyone in between couldn’t get enough of the “WAP” TikTok dance, and hundreds of thousands of videos popped up online featuring the song.

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Few rappers can influence culture at the drop of a hat the way Cardi does, but, then again, there’s only one Cardi. So, as always, don't sleep on all the Instagram post possibilities to settle for something below average. Cardi B has got your back with all her latest tracks, and your next picture is going to be beyond fire with a little bit of Bardigang inspo.

  1. Look, I don't dance now. I make money moves." — "Bodak Yellow"
  2. "Boy, you better treat me carefully." — "Be Careful"
  3. "Beyoncé on my stereo. Resentment on repeat." — "Thru Your Phone"
  4. "Moonwalkin' through your clique." — "Bartier Cardi (feat. 21 Savage)"
  5. "Fleek the definition of me. I keep it in check, papi. I am a whole different breed." — "On Fleek"
  6. "Ain't no runnin' up on me. Went from nothing to glory." — "Get Up 10"
  7. "Diamonds on me, what's the price? I'm not gettin' involved with the hype." — "Drip (feat. Migos)"
  8. "I gave you everything. What's mine is yours. I want you to live your life of course, but I hope you get what you dying for." — "Be Careful"
  9. "You know what I want and what I need, baby." — "Please Me"
  10. "And I just checked my accounts. Turns out, I'm rich, I'm rich, I'm rich." — "Bodak Yellow"
  11. "Was a good girl, watch me turn diva. Here goes my heart, I put it on speaker." — "Ring (feat. Kehlani)"
  12. “Spoil me in Prada, I'm worth every dollar." — "She Bad"
  13. "They throwin' shade 'cause they see me on top." — "Press"
  14. "You in the club just to party. I'm there, I get paid a fee." — "Bodak Yellow"
  15. "They say you basic, I flooded the Rollie with diamonds." — "Bartier Cardi (feat. 21 Savage)"
  16. You got me lookin' in the mirror different. Thinkin' I'm flawed because you ain't consistent." — "Be Careful"
  17. "Only the real can relate." — "Bodak Yellow"
  18. "I'm living my best life. It's my birthday, at least that's what I'm dressed like." — "Best Life (feat. Chance the Rapper)"
  19. "I run this sh*t like cardio." — "I Like It"
  20. "Put it on airplane mode, so none of those calls come through." — "I Do (feat. SZA)"
  21. "But never did I change, never been ashamed. Never did I switch, story stayed the same. I did this on my own, I made this a lane. Y'all gotta bear with me, I been through some things." — "Best Life (feat. Chance the Rapper)"
  22. "Ding dong. Must be that whip that I ordered and a new crib for my daughter." — "Press"
  23. "You heard she gon' do what from who? That's not a reliable source, no." — "Motor Sport"
  24. "I need Chrissy Teigen. Know a bad b*tch when I see one. Tell RiRi I need a threesome." — "She Bad"
  25. "I'm young and I'm heartless." — "Bickenhead"
  26. "I can't believe they wanna see me lose that bad." — "Best Life (feat. Chance the Rapper)"
  27. "Cardi rocking it, go buy stock in it." — "I Do (feat. SZA)"
  28. "Guess you actin' out now, you got an audience." Tell me where your mind is, drop a pin, what's the coordinates?" — "Be Careful"
  29. "Went from small-ass apartments to walking red carpets." — "Best Life (feat. Chance the Rapper)"
  30. "I got to make sure that you feel me. I need to make sure they remember me forever. I have to show you." — "I Gotta Hurt You"
  31. “I don't cook, I don't clean/ But let me tell you how I got this ring.” — “WAP” feat. Megan Thee Stallion
  32. “Racks stack up Shaq height.” — “Up”
  33. “I could make the party hot.” — “Up”
  34. “Who you know drip like this? Who you know built like this?” — “Bartier Cardi”
  35. “Once a good girl, watch me turn diva.” — “Ring”
  36. “You can't hurt my feelings.” — “WAP” feat. Megan Thee Stallion
  37. “I like dollars, I like diamonds, I like stunting, I like shining.” — “I Like It”
  38. “If ain't no ring on my finger, you ain't goin' on my 'Gram.” — “Up”
  39. “Flexing on bitches as hard as I can.” — “I Like It”
  40. Came through drippin'.” — “Drip”
  41. I'm a boss in a skirt, I'm a dog, I'm a flirt.” — “She Bad”
  42. I ain't never slippin'.” — “Drip”
  43. I'm lookin' like a money bag.” — “Money Bag”
  44. “I hit this grind, the roof gon' collapse.” — “Money Bag”
  45. “The glow got bitches so shook at me.” — “Lick”

Let Cardi take over your feed for a few posts and you'll be feeling all of the love and likes. From her lyrics that make you feel like a total badass to the ones that speak to your most emotional breakups, there's an anthem for every single situation anytime.

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