Can't Be Unseen: There's Been A Hidden Penis In 'Family Guy' The Whole Time

The Internet came to the conclusion a long time ago that Seth MacFarlane played a dirty joke on us when he used what look like balls as Peter Griffin's chin on "Family Guy."

There is even a Facebook page dedicated to Peter Griffin's chin-balls with more than 80,000 followers.

Just take a look at some of these:

MacFarlane even uses Peter's chin as jokes in various episodes. Here is an example:

However, leave it to Reddit user Shadow8P to completely change the game by pointing out that Lois Griffin's head looks like the tip of a penis!

Wow, Seth MacFarlane, just when I thought you couldn't get any dirtier. Well, at least we know Lois and Peter are truly meant to be... They literally complete each other. I will definitely be looking out for "just the tip" jokes on "Family Guy" now.

via Reddit, Top Photo Credit: Twitter