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Cam and Emily are still "very much in love" after wrapping 'Too Hot To Handle.'

Aw, Cam And Emily From Too Hot To Handle Are Still In Love After The Show

“We're still very much in love."


The main appeal of Too Hot To Handle is watching a group of sexy singles struggle to resist temptation in paradise, but in between all the drama, the show also squeezes in some seriously endearing romances. Take Cam and Emily for example: Although they broke plenty of Lana’s rules over the course of Season 2, the couple seemed genuinely loved up and ended up becoming one of the strongest couples in the game. While it was unclear whether they were still an item at the end of the season, shippers will be happy to know that the lovebirds are still going strong.

We’re still very much in love. I moved in with her a month after the show and we haven’t spent many days apart, to be honest,” Cam told BuzzFeed in a July 5 interview.

These British bombshells were the first contestants to couple up in the Season 2 premiere and had instant chemistry, even if their inability to keep their hands off each other resulted in plenty of money being deducted from the grand prize. They had some ups and downs, like when they briefly broke up after Cam got flirty with new contestant Christina and he admitted he’s struggled with commitment issues. But he ultimately gave up his playboy ways, and although he lost out on the $55,000 prize, Cam and Emily seemed perfectly happy to have ended up together.

But as Cam pointed out to BuzzFeed, going from dating in paradise to making things work in the real world was certainly an adjustment, especially during a pandemic. “We got to know each other in a really old-fashioned, traditional way, you have no phones, it’s face to face. Then we came home, and going to texting was really weird,” he said. “Because we were in lockdown [in England], we didn’t get a chance to be a normal couple. Apart from the villa, our first date was at the end of March — after about four months of being together.”

Right now, the couple are living with Emily’s family while looking for a place of their own in London, and Cam is still in disbelief about the whole journey. “To find someone that you actually love on a reality show, for me, is absolutely crazy,” he added. “I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have gone on [Too Hot To Handle] and to find her.”

Reality TV drama and a happy ending?! I love to see it.