BTS' 'Permission to Dance On Stage' concerts in Seoul will not allow cheering or standing due to COV...

The Reason Fans Aren't Allowed To Cheer At BTS' Seoul Concerts Is Surprising

Big Hit offered another way for fans to show their enthusiasm.

Courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC

BTS concerts are unlike any other concert experience, and one of the things that make them so special is the fan chants. Throughout the show, it’s common to hear the crowd chant BTS’ lyrics, as well as the members’ names. Since fan chants have become a staple at BTS’ concerts, it’s surprising to hear they won’t be allowed at the group’s upcoming shows in Seoul.

Ahead of BTS’ Permission To Dance On Stage concert on March 10 earlier this week, the group’s agency, Big Hit Music, released a statement explaining fans would have to follow a set of strict guidelines during the show due to local COVID rules.

“Cheering loudly, yelling, chanting, and standing up during BTS Permission To Dance On Stage – Seoul is strictly prohibited according to government guidelines,” the company said in a statement, according to Variety.

Big Hit also shared some graphics on Weverse outlining the health and safety protocols for fans attending the shows at Seoul’s Jamsil Olympic Stadium. Besides cheering, members of the BTS ARMY won’t be allowed to wear headbands, yell, stand up, or eat or drink anything throughout the show; however, water is allowed.

Attendees will also have to get their temperature checked before they enter the venue. Once inside, they’ll have to cover their mouth and nose with a mask at all times.

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The same rules are likely to be followed at BTS’ upcoming March 12 and 13 concerts at the same stadium. According to Variety, the shows will feature an audience of 15,000 per night, rather than stadium’s usual capacity for 70,000 attendees. “Seating for the in-person performance will comply with spacing guidelines mandated by local government performance venue COVID-19 control measures,” the agency explained.

While cheering or standing up throughout the concerts are prohibited, Big Hit is allowing fans to show their support for BTS in other ways. Clapping and dancing while seated are approved. New York Post is also reporting the venue will provide light-up clappers for concertgoers.

While ARMY may not have the standard concert experience at BTS’ upcoming shows in Seoul, it’s great they can finally see the guys perform live again.