This Is Not A Drill, ARMYs: The BTS x McDonald's Collab Merch Includes Photocards

Get it before it sells out — because it WILL.

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BTS has surprised ARMYs once again. Just a day before McDonald’s launches its BTS Meal in the United States on Wednesday, May 26, the group announced their partnership with the food giant includes exclusive merchandise as well. Although they didn’t reveal exactly what goodies fans can purchase, one thing’s for sure: ARMYs will be able to get their hands on special photocards. Since they’ll likely sell out quickly, here’s everything you need to know about the BTS x McDonald's collab merch in order to make sure you snag them.

Ever since BTS shared the news of their McDonald’s collaboration on Monday, April 19, ARMYs have been crossing their fingers they would also announce exclusive photocards coming. The group’s previous partnerships with Mediheal and Samsung have included photocards, so fans hoped this collaboration would follow suit. However, McDonald’s BTS’ Meal promotional schedule, which arrived on Tuesday, May 11, didn’t reveal photocards were part of the package. With the launch of the BTS Meal quickly approaching, ARMYs almost lost hope they would be getting the staple fandom goodie.

That all changed on May 25 when the official Twitter account for HYBE Merch revealed BTS and McDonald’s teamed up to bring fans special merchandise. The announcement came with a 24-second teaser that hinted a variety of items, like McDonald’s-themed socks, T-shirts, and hats were coming soon. The company also tweeted, “just got off the phone with the guys, photocards are coming with merch,” which had fans buzzing with excitement.

Check out all the details about the BTS x McDonald's collab merch below.

Release Date

Good news: Fans won’t have to wait long for the merchandise to drop. The line will launch on Thursday, May 27, aka, the day after the BTS Meal arrives in the U.S. Specifically, BTS and McDonald’s merch will go live at 7 p.m. ET. Meanwhile, those who are purchasing from Korea can get the products on Thursday, May 27, at 8 a.m. KST.


Other than the photocards, McDonald’s has yet to confirm which items will be part of the collaboration. Based on the teaser for the merch, fans can expect T-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, socks, bucket hats, bags, flip flops, towels, robes, totes, stickers, pens, and more.


No exact cost has been revealed for the items just yet, but fans can find out the day the merch is available to view online on Wednesday, May 26.

How To Get It

Here’s the most important part: You’ll need to download the Weverse Shop app to access the products. Once you get the app on your phone, click on either BTS’ U.S. store or global shop. That’ll determine the price and shipping you pay for the items. Fans can purchase the merchandise from May 27 all the way through June 30. However, the sale may end early if the items get sold out. Those who purchase during the time period will get one photocard out of eight in the entire set. Sadly, the photocards are also limited, so fans better make their purchases quickly to ensure they get one. After making their purchases, fans will have to wait until July to get their products mailed to them. See more details below.

Good luck, ARMYs!