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12 Jin Quotes For IG Captions That’ll Make You And Your Followers Smile

Worldwide Handsome has some worldwide wisdom for you.

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All of the members of BTS bring unique qualities to the table. RM’s rap skills are unparalleled and Jimin’s dance skills never fail to impress, but it’s Worldwide Handsome Jin who (along with his magical vocals) has a personality and charm like no other. That’s why he’s delivered some seriously life-changing quotes in the eight years he’s been part of BTS. These BTS Jin quotes represent his shining personality so well.

For all his lighthearted moments, Jin also has some more serious ones. For example, he spoke out about his insecurities in a touching interview with Rolling Stone in May 2021. “I don’t think there really was a moment when I felt I had arrived as a singer,” he openly shared. “I haven’t mastered singing. But a singer has a duty and an obligation to bring joy to the audience. As we went on tour, I began to see the audience liking what I was doing.”

Jin’s solo music says a lot about him as well. With songs like “Awake,” “Epiphany,” and “Moon,” he showed he’s the master of incorporating meaningful lyrics about his real-life experiences into his music. Whether they come from his music, interviews, or fan Q&As, BTS’ Jin always has something significant to say.

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  1. “Nothing’s carved in stone.” - From Jin’s Rolling Stone 2021 interview
  2. “Any moment can be turned into an opportunity.” - From BTS’ “Dear Class of 2020” video
  3. “I’m living true to my feelings by living in the now.” - From Jin’s 2020 Weverse interview
  4. “I'm living a really happy life.” - From 2020’s Break The Silence movie
  5. “When I close my eyes I feel like it will remind me of the times.” - From the song “Tonight”
  6. "Only you have to know how hard you work." - From Season's Greetings 2016
  7. “Pridefulness is good for nothing." - From Burn the Stage, 2017
  8. “I like to go with the flow.” - from his Rolling Stone 2021 interview
  9. "Those who keep trying without giving up are the ones who succeed.” - From 2020’s Break The Silence movie
  10. “I'm the one I should love.” - From the song “Epiphany”
  11. “I tend to forget about the past.” - From Jin’s 2020 Weverse interview
  12. “If something goes well, please praise yourself.” - From a 2018 V Live video

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