What If Bryan's Mom Doesn't Like Rachel? What We Know About His Family

by Jamie LeeLo

Here is a breakdown of the first 20 minutes of this week's episode of The Bachelorette, Rachel's one-on-one with Bryan, for those of you that were out living your lives or whatever.

Rachel is like, "Bryan, boy, I am still so into you," and Bryan was like, "Girl, I can tell." Then, for some reason, they drove around in a really fancy car and Rachel "bought him a watch." And when we say Rachel bought him a watch, I'm pretty sure we mean production bought him a watch. But still. It's the thought that counts.



With hometowns just around the corner, Rach and Bry-Brys conversation quickly turned from watches to making out... but then it finally turned to their families and childhoods.

Bryan revealed that the most badass thing he did in his past was ask for an earring. (Spoiler alert, he got one.) But, that wasn't the only interesting detail he glazed over. Bryan also told a pretty weird and mysterious story about a previous serious relationship of his. Apparently, it didn't work out because his mother and his ex girlfriend did not hit it off.


Details on what exactly went down are not clear, but we know that after Bryan brought his ex boo-thang to a family wedding, she later called him to end things. The reason? His mom.


Our guess is, not much. Rachel is topnotch, and based on how frequently Bryan's mom shows up on his Instagram account, chances are she caught wind that her son was going to be on national television competing for Rachel's love.

Beyond that, we know that he is Colombian and a chiropractor. Those are two fiery details about a fiery contestant, which might equal a fiery mom. Still, no matter what happens in hometowns, something tells me Rachel is going to come out smelling like roses.


I'll see myself out.