Brothel Owner Says He Wants Khloé Kardashian To Pay Lamar's $75K Bill

Dennis Hof awkwardly trying to get his money from Lamar Odom is pure gold.

Now that Lamar Odom is out of critical condition and recovering after having a stroke at Love Ranch almost two weeks ago, it's time to settle his debt with Dennis Hof's legal Nevada brothel.

On Friday, Hof told TheWrap,

He paid his credit card but then I got a call from Boulevard Management asking all these questions, 'What were these charges for?' and such. So, in my mind, are they trying a way to not pay the bill? If he doesn't, I'm going after Khloé and her husband.

Speaking of Khloé, who reportedly announced her intentions to get back together with Lamar, Hof said,

A good wife would pay her husband's bill.

In a weird way, I imagine this whole situation as an X-rated episode of “Seinfeld” featuring Dennis “Costanza” Hof awkwardly chatting with Jerry about how he will get his money back.

Then the episode has 15 minutes of Dennis awkwardly hinting at Khloé and Elaine getting stuck in a toilet stall without the right amount of paper tissues.

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