'Brooklyn 99' Star Terry Crews On What's Coming In Season 5


Making a hit network comedy these days is a bit like hitting the lottery.

For reference, since 2011, Matthew Perry has starred in Go On (NBC) which was canceled after one season, Mr. Sunshine (ABC), which was also canceled after one season, and The Odd Couple (CBS), which ran for two seasons and was canceled this May. That's three failed comedies on three networks in six years.

So, may I introduce you to the small about-to-be five-season miracle that is FOX's Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 

The cop comedy with Andy Samberg at the helm will hit a big milestone -- 100 episodes -- when its fifth season airs this fall. But they're understandably more focused on a different landmark -- 99 episodes.

Elite Daily had the chance to speak with Terry Crews, who plays Sergeant Terry Jeffords in the series, at the premiere of Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on July 9.

He told us:

The secret of their success, he says, is heart:

We asked Crews what fans could expect from season five and he told us:

Shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and FOX's other smash-hit, New Girl, are mindful of the fact that purely episodic sitcoms that lack real season arcs and actual character development just don't cut it anymore. I mean even Raj from The Big Bang Theory eventually spoke to a woman (after six seasons).

And Crews himself is well aware of how good his show is, seeming just as excited as the fans for its fall return.

Original reporting by Stephanie Ironson.