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Britney's IG About Getting Locked In Her Bathroom May Be About Her Conservatorship

Well, according to fans, it is.


With each passing day, Britney Spears becomes more and more adamant about ending her conservatorship. For 13 years, Spears’ conservatorship, under which the pop star has very little control over her finances, personal well-being, and life, has sparked concern from her fans. Since 2008, her father, Jamie Spears, has controlled her financial estate, while her personal care manager, Jodi Montgomery, was handed control of Spears’ personal life in 2019. Now that Spears has her own lawyer and the general public's support, there’s a genuine possibility her conservatorship could come to an end soon. Spears already seems to be gaining a bit more control over her life, actually. While the singer remained practically silent about her conservatorship for over a decade, after her July 2021 court testimony, she speaks out and gives fans updates about her situation regularly. Now, Britney Spears’ fans think her Instagram about getting locked in her bathroom was meant to send a message about her conservatorship.

On Aug. 3, Spears posted a photo on Instagram of a door slightly open, alongside a story about her being locked in her bathroom for an extended period of time. She said it happened in the middle of the night, and while the lengthy Instagram caption detailed Spears’ entire experience, the post had fans raising their eyebrows. Some speculate the cryptic message is a metaphor for the singer’s impending freedom from her conservatorship.

The star wrote,

At 2am I decided to take a bath !!!! I got a new scented lotion from Victoria’s Secret and I wanted to wear it because it helps me sleep better !!!! I went to the bathroom and looked at my leftover coffee from earlier in the morning and said “gross” but didn’t throw it away and then I looked for my face wash but couldn’t find it anywhere !!!! I was caught up in my head looking for it for about 15 minutes and then realized it’s probably in the other bathroom … then I went to leave and the door was locked … I thought ok well it’s a bathroom, I can open the damn door … no, the lock was stuck !!!! I got locked in the fucking bathroom and my boyfriend was sleeping … even if there are earthquakes he doesn't wake up !!! I screamed “HEYYYYY!!!! Come open this stupid door !!!!” …. silence … the fourth time he gets up and says “What’s wrong?” ... I said “I’m in here and I can’t get out !!!!”
He tried to do his thing to open the door with a PEN … so I got my phone and called security to tell them to open the door … 15 minutes went by and they finally said they’d send someone up to open the door … 10 minutes later …. “HELLO ??? Is anybody there ???” … then they told me 10 more minutes !!! I cleaned the bathroom and thought about taking a shower or something but then I saw it … the door … I just looked at it for the first time with a yearning of just wanting it to open … would my eyes trick me and make it happen faster ??? My eyes widened and the door was more clear … more vast … I could see it with clarity and brightness … please open door !!!! “We’re here!” They said … I asked how long it would take to open … and they said "oh, maybe 10 minutes" !!!! The old coffee I had left over from the morning was there … I started feeling foggy, so I drank it ... I was reenergized and started speaking again!!! “Are you guys there ???” … “Yes we are!” They said, “Stand back, we’re going to open the door!” It opened … it finally opened !!!!!

Spears’ account of having been promised she would be freed from the bathroom in 15 minutes, only to have to wait longer, over and over seemed to parallel her experience with her conservatorship. In her court testimony, Spears expressed her desire to end her conservatorship without being mentally evaluated out of fear those evaluating her would find more reasons to extend the conservatorship needlessly.

“The main reason why I’m here is because I want to end the conservatorship without having to be evaluated,” Spears said. “I’ve done a lot of research, ma’am. And there’s a lot of judges who do end conservatorships for people without them having to be evaluated all the time. The only times they don’t is if a concerned family member says something’s wrong with this person.” She went on to imply that her family has ulterior motives for keeping her conservatorship in place. “Considering my family has lived off my conservatorship for 13 years, I won’t be surprised if one of them has something to say going forward, and say, ‘We don’t think this should end, we have to help her,’” she said. (Elite Daily previously reached out to Spears’ team for any further comment about the claims made in her testimony, but did not hear back.)

Fans are hoping Spears can get out of her conservatorship, just like she got out of her bathroom, soon.