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Bridgerton Basically Confirmed Season 4's Lead With This Huge Clue

It’s about time!


Another social season has come and gone, leaving Bridgerton fans to wonder which of the titular siblings will get their time in the spotlight next. When the show first began, fans of Julia Quinn’s books naturally assumed the Netflix adaptation would follow the order of the source novels. But Season 3 threw a wrench in that timeline. Now, it’s not entirely clear which love story is next up, but several clues in the latest episodes seem to be pointing to one sibling in particular.

After skipping over his story in Season 3 to focus instead on Colin and Penelope’s romance, Benedict Bridgerton may finally be getting his moment. There were some theories that either Eloise or Francesca may be the focus of Season 4, but a few key moments in the finale pretty much confirmed the second eldest Bridgerton son would be taking center stage. Although Francesca’s love story was kick-started in Season 3, she and Eloise ended up leaving the Ton to live in John Stirling’s Scottish castle. And Benedict’s farewell to his sisters included the biggest clue that he’ll finally meet his true love in Season 4.

1. The Masquerade Ball Mention


One of Benedict’s final lines was a massive shoutout to Bridgerton readers. As he implored Eloise to come back and visit the Ton soon, she promised she’d return for an important event: “Do you think mama would ever let me miss her masquerade ball?”

Benedict confirmed he’d also be in attendance, even if he’d rather not be: “I will be there, hiding out behind a mask, avoiding eligible ladies like the plague.”

His attitude may be sour now, but his tune is sure to change when the ball finally arrives. In Benedict’s book, An Offer from a Gentleman, it’s at his family’s masquerade ball where he falls in love with his eventual wife, Sophie Beckett.

2. Lady Whistledown’s Clue

Bridgerton is known for using Lady Whistledown’s narration to send hints to viewers, and the biggest one came in her final missive. When the gossipmonger read out the line, “It is now time to look to the future” in the finale, fans noticed how the focus was squarely on Benedict.

3. The Swing Set Convo

The Season 3 finale also brought back a familiar setting very important to Benedict and Eloise. In an echo of last season, the two siblings had a tender talk about life and love while wallowing on a swing set. Benedict opened up about his renewed interest in exploring love, which tees up his big romance very nicely.

4. Opening Up Sexually

Season 3 also introduced an exciting change to Benedict’s character from the books: He’s much more open sexually. Encouraged by the adventurous Lady Tilley Arnold, Benedict discovered he enjoyed sleeping with men as well as women. This addition to his story arc teases thrilling new wrinkles in Benedict’s upcoming romance with Sophie.