Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington
9 Bridgerton Characters Who *Need* To Return In Season 3

Please let this happen.

by Ani Bundel
Liam Daniel/Netflix

Bridgerton may have started significantly deviating from the books in Season 2, but its overall trajectory still focused on keeping the main plot points of each love story in the series intact. However, with Season 3 focusing on Colin and Penelope — instead of giving Benedict the spotlight like Book 3 — big changes are coming. That means characters who don’t feature in future books can come back to the show, while others who are in the books will be needed to maintain some semblance of loyalty to the source material. So, here are the nine Bridgerton characters who should return in Season 3.

After letting go of Regé-Jean Page as Simon, Duke of Hastings, after Season 1, the powers that be on the show have determined that same mistake will not happen again. Simone Ashley, who plays Kate, has already confirmed she’ll be back for Season 3, and her and Anthony’s love story will continue to unfold. Moreover, most of the cast is set to return, and the missing Bridgerton, Francesca, has been recast so the series can feature the character more centrally in the narrative.

Viewers will meet a few new characters if the show includes Benedict’s story in Season 3. And if Francesca’s romance is being set up down the line, then there are another couple of names fans can expect to see. But most immediately — for Colin’s romance in Season 3 and Eloise’s for Season 4 — there are at least a few mandatory faces who need to show up.


Will Mondrich

Laim Daniel/Netflix

Mondrich and his wife Alice were initially set up as Simon’s friends. But Will’s friendship with Colin in Season 2 will come in handy for what lies ahead. Colin’s story will focus on his travel writing, and having someone worldly, like Mondrich, around will help immensely.


Theo Sharpe

Liam Daniel/Netflix

Like Will, Theo is an added character for the show, seemingly to give Eloise a doomed romance. But there are many valuable things Theo could do, from providing more insight into Penelope’s printing process to being a commoner love interest for a younger Sharma sister who no longer needs to worry about who she marries.


Edwina Sharma

Liam Daniel/Netflix

Speaking of the younger Sharma, Edwina was left as a loose end when Season 2 closed. Though the main focus will be Colin and Penelope in Season 3, having Edwina find love as a subplot sounds like a lovely idea.


Prince Frederich

Liam Daniel/Netflix

As for Edwina’s potential suitors, none is more interesting than the Queen’s offer to set her up with Frederich from Season 1. Bringing back a Price for Lady Whistledown to write about in the middle of Colin and Penelope's romance would be a fun twist.


Lady Mary Sharma

Liam Daniel/Netflix

Kate’s been married off, but Edwina still needs a suitor, which means Lady Mary is probably going to stick around. That’s a good thing, as the troop of women matchmaking the next generation (Queen Charlotte, Lady Violet, and Lady Danbury) could use another set of meddling hands.


Lady Cressida Cowper

Liam Daniel/Netflix

Fans might wonder why the girl of questionable updos is still hanging around two seasons in. But those who have read Romancing Mr. Brigerton (Colin and Penelope’s book) will know the answer. Cressida plays a vital role in Penelope’s romance with Colin, and fans should expect her to pay a call or three at the Featherington house a few times in Season 3.


Sir Philip Crane

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In Season 2, Colin tried once again to pursue Marina, who told him in no uncertain terms to pull his head out of his cravat. Considering that the Crane family will eventually have serious connections to the Bridgertons, it would behoove the show to bring Sir Philip and his wife back again in Season 3.


Marina, Lady Crane

Liam Daniel/Netflix

Marina is a two-for-one character on this list. The Crane family will be important down the line. However, by making Marina both a friend to Penelope and a potential part of a later love story, the show has every excuse to bring her back to see Colin and Penelope get engaged, which in turn may help spur later romances.


The Duke Of Hastings

Liam Daniel/Netflix

The No. 1 character the show must bring back next season: the Duke. Letting him go was a foolish move from the outset, mainly because his clout plays a part in supporting Penelope and Colin’s story. Bringing the Duke back, even for a two-episode guest appearance bit, would be a smart move — and a necessary one.

Bridgerton Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Netflix. Season 3 is expected to arrive in late 2023.